Assist. Prof. Nikolay Sharankov

Nikolay SharankovNikolay Sharankov has a Bachelor’s degree (2001) and was a PhD student in Classics (2002-2004). Assistant professor of history and historical grammar of classical languages since 2005. Member of the editorial board of Archaeologia Bulgarica Magazine since 2002 and contributor to L’Année épigraphiqueMagazine since 2003. Specialised in Geneva. Teaching experience includes historical grammar of the Ancient Greek language, Ancient Greek language and authors (Attic rhetorical prose and lyrics), Ancient Greek for beginners to Ancient History students. Key research interests focus on history and historical grammar of Greek and Latin, Paleo-Balkan languages, ancient culture, and the cultural history of Bulgarian lands in ancient times. For a detailed CV in Bulgarian, click here.


Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”,
Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology
Department of Classical Philology
15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.
Sofia 1504, Bulgaria