What intertwines so many aspects of the Humanities and of our life today?

Can the Antiquity help us better understand our own world?

  • Come to learn Classics and you’ll understand who is Heracles and who is Hercules.
  • You will roam the Roman roads and find out that they’ve reached the territories of modern Bulgaria.
  • Then, you will understand why Sofia is Serdica and Plovdiv – Philippopolis.
  • You will find out that the first sentence in ‘Astérix le Gaulois’ is actually the first sentence of a book, written by Julius Caesar himself.
  • You will see the reality and the fiction in ‘300’, ‘Troy’ and ‘Rome’.
  • You will better understand what happens in the video games ‘Age of Mythology’ and ‘Total War’.
  • You will see the world as an old and well known place and you’ll enrich your knowledge of the Philosophy, the Culture and the History of our society.
  • This will enable you to feel Rome and Athens as if they were your home.